Thursday, August 14, 2008

All Our Hardwork

This is a small representation of all the hard work we have put in timewise in the last 12 months. This is a copy of Todd's business card, with logo. But this is just a portion of what we have been doing. Business plans, contractors, planning, decorating, SBA loans, equipment leases, etc. While we were in the heart of our plans, Bradley would walk around the house like he was on the phone and pretend to be talking to someone and I would hear him say "uh huh, okay, bye..." then he would press the flash button on the phone and say "hello?", and say "just a sec..." and hit the flash. Wow!! Talk about mimicing what they see. But it is done and we are open for business. I will post pictures soon of the clinic and the inside as it turned out great.


This is our 5th little cutie! She is getting so big and I couldn't help myself as I snapped this picture with her current favorite face. She gets that big"oh!" expression everytime she does anything. And I really do mean that.