Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Storybook Life... Not!

If I told you everything that has goine on this year, you wouldn't believe me. I am totally serious... How could so much happen to one family in 10 months? In an attempt to keep you all up to date with our family, I will give a year's re-cap:

  • January- We turned in all of our hard work for approval. We offered the bank our business plan, the marketing plan, cash flow, net worth, credit applications, etc. for their approval. We also made the offer to lease the space for the business.

  • February- Signed our life away. We signed personal guarantees that if our business fails, we will somehow have the money to pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars. No biggie, right?

  • March- The headache with the contractor begins. I think I was driving to South Jordan about 4 times a week dealing with construction issues and permits, and working on the licensing... with 3 kids in tow. Oh, and I was training for my half marathon.

  • April- Still dealing with the contractor. I run my half marathon. TWO WORDS: Stomach virus. Starting at mile 6 I was on a hunt for every stinking port a potty on the way. At mile 10 I took a pit stop in the local 7-11 for about 20 minutes. By mile 12 I couldn't walk or my muscles would seize up. But I did finish! In a measely 3 hours. It took 3 days to recover from dehydration. :o)

  • May- We open the doors to Mountain Pointe Physical Therapy on May 5. We are trying to see if we have what it takes to support our family on our dreams. I end up in the ER with 2 rupturing ovarian cysts.

  • June- I have surgery to remove more cysts on June 4. Still open for business.

  • July- Back pain. I love being a mom. To the point I would sacrifice myself for my children. And I did. Megan was about to topple down the stairs, when I quicly reached for her, throwing my back out. I dropped to my knees and couldn't move for 45 minutes. It was then that i decided to call Todd and have him come home to help me. 4 days later, I was back in the ER via ambulance because I was having muscle spasms so bad that I couldn't move. After 4 weeks of Lortab and Valium, I was good to go.

  • August- Cellulitis via the Alpine Slide in Park City. I couldn't tell you what happened. All I know is I biffed it on the slide causing an abrasion on my leg...simple really. Until I developed cellulitis, and discovered i was allergic to Neosporin! how many people are allergic to it you may ask? 1 out of 4. Oh, we also celebrated 10 years of marraige. Then i had my hystorectomy the last week of the month, 2 days after the kids went back to school. Pretty huh?

  • September- My incision opens back up and I get sick. Sick to the point that they thought I had viral meningitis. So they did a lumbar puncture. It was negative. The puncture leaked causing those really awesome headaches, which was treated with narcotics and caffeine. Well that didn't work so well as I was getting the rebound headaches. I have tried to block this week out, as I never want to repeat it again! 4 visits to the ER in one week is enough for me.

  • October- we are returning to normal. But I think we are on the prayer roll at church, and the ward missionaries have us on re-activation status since we have been so "active" throughout the summer. Started training for another half marathon...looking forward to it.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Little Piece of Summer

I love the Back To School time of year. Life calms down a bit, the older ones are back in school and it means more time to spend with the younger ones. I love this because you get to spend time observing them when it is not to hot, not too cold, and they have the backyard to themselves. Without the hovering fear of the older ones in the way. They have an awe for life and I love to see them smile.

Kid Moments...

I have to post this little story, because it is so funny. Our little Bradley will be 4 in January. He is learning and growing, and doing things at a rate that just surprises me. He talks so well, and he is the BIGGEST crack up. He is also in this little defiant stage, and testing the boundaries constantly. Well, just the other night he was in the tub. He wasn't being very nice to his sisters, Neeltje and Megan. I warned him he was going to get out if he couldn't be nice. So finally, out he had to come. I told him to get out, and he looked and me and flatly said and emphatic "No". I told him he had to the count of 3 to get out or he was going to get a spank. He, of course, didn't get out (or this wouldn't be so funny). So as I helped him out of the tub, he had already started crying in preparation for the spank. I went to swat his wet bum and my hand just slid past his body. When Bradly realized that was it, his fake cry went from a stuttered sob, to a giggle. He turned to look at me and said, "Ha! That didn't even hurt mom!". When I asked him if he wanted me to make it hurt he screamed "no!" as he covered his bottom and ran out of the bathroom. I can't believe these little ones and where they come up with what they do.

Take a picture of me, Mom!

It amazes me how much children love being in front of the camera. The minute is comes out, that is all I hear, until I snap a picture and show them what it looks like. Bradley wanted to pose like this for his photo. He is our little class clown, he makes us laugh so hard.

Ethan gets his Wolf

Ethan received his wolf the day after my hysterectomy. I was not able to be there, but we did not deprive him of receiving it because he was just so dang excited. This picture just cracks me up! If you look closely you can see him eyeing the badge while his den leader is talking and looking for something else. He has this wicked little smile like he can't wait to get it into his hot little hands.