Wednesday, July 24, 2013

{Lemon Peppermint} Whipped Body Butter

I am kind of into the DIY at home products you see all over Pinterest. I will be posting about more coming soon, as the experience has been great. I tried something drastic (no poo-ing) and it has created a snowball effect in so many self care areas, and I am sure I have released a demon inside. I loved this product! It was cool to choose the scent I wanted. It feels great on my skin too, and the moisture is incredible.

This is the pin that has inspired my recipe. Don't be intimidated when you read the whole post. Remember, you always have a choice as to how you want to proceed. Even though I find the concept of Beef Tallow really interesting, I opted not to use it in this recipe. A few notes on this:

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Painting Horizontal Stripes...on the Archway

I am so excited to say my archway is not dreaded anymore! Yay for me! It has been a long time coming, and with a great deal of thought too. If you didn't see the post on how it was the The Dreaded Archway, click here. I had knee surgery in March and was on crutches for 4 weeks. I spent  A LOT of time on my bed, looking out through my doorway into the archway, and I think my decision was pretty thought out. Drum roll please.......