Monday, July 30, 2012

Homemade Pizza

In our family, pizza night from retailers is just like "eh". BUT... If it is homemade pizza night, they kids shout for joy, there is love in the home, and you would think world peace has been achieved! I think this has more to do with the RECIPE than anything else.
I started long ago collecting (and tweaking) recipes to be worthy of making for my family or taking to gatherings. Some are made occasionally and others have become a staple in our home. This is one of the staples. I owe this to one of my besties (Tonya Bennett) The recipe for the dough is multi-purposeful. In addition to pizza crust and bread sticks, it makes for awesome scones, and Navajo Tacos.
I will warn you though... once you try this, there is no going back!


4 tsp Dry Active Yeast
1/2 c. White Sugar
1 1/2 c. warm water
4 c. White Flour
1 tsp salt
1/4 c. oil

In small glass bowl combine yeast, sugar, and water to activate yeast. Set aside for about 5 min. In large mixing bowl add flour and salt. After yeast has doubled, add oil to the yeast mixture. Add yeast mixture to flour. and mix until sides pull away from bowl and continue to knead for about 5 min. place moist towel and let rest for 10 minutes.  After resting dough, use desired amount to make large pizza crusts, or personal pizza crusts. Oil surface first. Add sauce and toppings. Bake at 425 degrees for 15-17 minutes. Bake for 11-13 minutes for bread sticks. Makes 2 medium pizza crusts. (Large Round Pampered Chef Pizza Stone)


1 sm can Tomato Sauce
1 sm can Tomato Paste
1 Rounded TBSP White Sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp Pepper
1 Tbsp Italian seasoning
1 tsp Oregano
1 tsp Basil
1 tsp Parsley
1 tsp Garlic Powder (or fresh pressed garlic clove)
1 tsp Onion Power
1/4 tsp Hot Sauce (Tabasco-optional)

Mix together well. Heat for marinara dipping sauce. No need to heat if using on pizza.


1/2 ready made dough recipe above
1/2 cube melted butter
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1/4 tsp salt and pepper, each
1 tsp parsley
1/2-3/4 c. Fresh Parmesean Cheese

Mix everything except dough and butter on a plate. Put melted butter in a pie pan. Form dough into sticks. Roll in butter, then in seasoning mix. Place in pan.When all dough is used, if there is leftover butter or seasoning sprinkle on top of breadsticks. Bake at 425 degrees, for 11-13 minutes.

Yes, It is a lot of ingredients, but it is soooo worth it! Let me know when you make the recipe and let me know what you think! Happy baking!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Craft of the Day

So it's not like I have a set aside day of the week to do a craft, let alone do I do a craft every day.  We have to be very clear about this, because I do NOT need the pressure to be that high for me or anyone! 

One of the blogs I follow she has some great ideas, I love 'em! And this is project was inspired by her. Seriously such a wonderful, uplifting statement. It sits in the corner of my countertop to the right of my sink. I see it everyday. It is a positive reminder that I have the power to control my life.

I saw her plate and and I wanted to take mine a little further. I designed both the background and the saying on my Silhouette. I measured the inside of my $2 plate (from Wallies) and when I cut the background I cut the diameter of the circle with it so it was perfectly round. That's it. That's all there was to this little ditty!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Monogram "Wreath"?...

Do wreaths technically have to be round, with foliage, or flowers, vines and ribbon? I don't know either... but this is close enough. Do any of you have the same problem as me, in which you you need a wreath for the other 8 months of the year when it isn't Fall, Halloween or Christmas? I decided to solve my problem with a Monogram "Wreath".

I started with this frame and wooden letter. I purchased both from the Wood Connection. figured I didn't need to snap a picture of the raw wood, so I painted it first. These strips of ribbon are the ones I choose to coordinate with the project. After painting it a light color of gray, I changed my mind and painted it a darker one.

After it was painted I sprayed it with a coat of clear gloss spray paint. Then I tied the ribbon around the frame. Keep it a tad bit loose so the board can still fit against the frame. To keep the ribbon ends from fraying you can do this quick little trick

If you can, get self drilling screw so you don't have to pre-drill. I had some of these on hand so I could anchor the triangle hanger on the top of the frame.

This is what it looks like when they are attached.

After I found a pattern of paper that I wanted, I glued the paper to the thin wood backing that comes with the frame. DO NOT ATTACH IT TO THE FRAME YET.
If you look closely at this picture you can see I ever so lightly traced the letter on the paper so I knew where I needed to place the screws for the next step.

Drilled 3 screws through the front side of the frame so that I would know where the holes would be behind the frame. And then removed them.

Because the backing on the frame is such a thin wood, you really want to make sure you don't counter sink the screws. Keep them above the backing like so, so you don't crack the board.

This is the side profile once the letter has been attached to the backing.

So the backing combined with the weight of the wood letter is too heavy  for the little tin staples to keep the board held in- so I put large dots of glue in the corner of the frames to hold the backing in place.

Before hanging you masterpiece on your front door, I suggest that you put these little felt pads at the bottom so that it doesn't destroy your front door, or your new wreath.

And here is the finished product. :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vintage Book Decor

I love old books. I love the charm they add to any given space and decor. They usually are grouped together in my home and they stand alone to make a statement.
But I had one book leftover after I moved some things around... and I decided to try something and spice it up.You know, something old combined with something new to make that shabby chic look.This was really simple and the pictures will do most of the explaining, so here we go!

Here is the old book I was working with. The spine of the book was shot. The binding was an old fabric that had become brittle and was falling off. I didn't want to throw it away, so this is where I got the idea for re-purposing it.

So I decided to take the front and the back off. I used scissors to cut the paper holding the hardcover on like this. I repeated it for the back as well and then I just ripped the hard covers off. They came off very easily.

I had two random pieces of cream ribbon. I wanted them to look older. Because I don't buy tea and coffee, I grabbed leftover coffee grounds from a neighbor and soaked them. Once dry, you can set the "tea stain" look with a little vinegar in cold water and let them dry again.

I love a good sale. I admit that sometimes because something is on sale I will just buy it in case I can use it later. The larger pearls with the hematite metal were 99 cents. I bought them a few years ago and never wore them. I also gave jewelry making a try a while back and it wasn't something i enjoyed, that is where the bracelet comes from. As for the necklace, I am the WORST mom ever!!! My little four year leaves this necklace around all the time. How many times have I picked it up? So I snatched it and removed the little Aurora princess charm. I know, you can totally judge me, I deserve it.

I have had this key forever. I bought it in a pack of 7 from Pottery Barn about 6 years ago. I just had it in a box somewhere and I grabbed it.

So I took the 2 ribbons and tied them separately around the book.

I slid the key onto the bottom ribbon.

I wound the pearls into a loose circle, and...

...slid them on top of the key. I tied this shorter ribbon into a knot.

I pulled one of the lace pieces through the center hole of the key. And tied it again into a bow to secure the pearls and key together. And there you have it! No glue or anything. I will show you in a later post where I am going to display this little treasure.