Thursday, September 4, 2008


I know it is not a pretty word, but that is what I had done last week (August 27, 2008). For those of you with faint dispositions, stop reading now. For the rest of you I will tell you why. Yes, I am young, 31 to be exact. That seems really young to be part of the "clean panty brigade" but when your body thinks it is normal to create cysts on a regular basis, you haven't much choice. The cyst mentality went so far as to have little cysts inside the tissue of the uterus itself, making my uterus the size of someone 14 weeks preggo. If I can spell it right, the condition is called adenymyosis, and it creates constant pelvic pain. As I was training for my half-marathon is when I noticed I felt a lot of pain when I ran and then there was intense streams of it throughout the day. The doctor informed me that the benefits of keeping my uterus were just introducing greater chances of uterine cancer. So, I made the decision with Todd and out it came.

I had 5 ovarian cysts removed with patches of endometriosis on June 4, 2008. During that surgery I was informed that with the c-section performed to deliver Megan, there was a small hole left in the uterus which made it much easier for the tissue to form itself around my ovaries, uterus and ureters. When they removed my uterus through my c- section scar, the doctor made mention of how much more endometriosis had formed in just 2 months, with more cysts, and a bonus... my bladder had "cemented" itself to the thinning wall of my uterus. Awesome, huh?

So I am very lucky to have had it removed, I am already feeling much better, but the healing time has been awful. I want to feel better now, is that too much to ask? I feel this has been harder than any of my c-sections, and I guess it is because I don't have the euphoria of a newborn to mask my pain. Funny how that works.


Natalie said...

So does this mean you are done having kids? Ha-ha. I feel like such a lousy friend. I should have taken your kids while you were recovering. You probably still could use some help, let me bring you dinner one night.

Lisa said...

I hope you feel better soon. We want to bring dinner one night too. lets have a pizza night. I'll do it all and you can just relax. I'll plan it soon:)