Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kid Moments...

I have to post this little story, because it is so funny. Our little Bradley will be 4 in January. He is learning and growing, and doing things at a rate that just surprises me. He talks so well, and he is the BIGGEST crack up. He is also in this little defiant stage, and testing the boundaries constantly. Well, just the other night he was in the tub. He wasn't being very nice to his sisters, Neeltje and Megan. I warned him he was going to get out if he couldn't be nice. So finally, out he had to come. I told him to get out, and he looked and me and flatly said and emphatic "No". I told him he had to the count of 3 to get out or he was going to get a spank. He, of course, didn't get out (or this wouldn't be so funny). So as I helped him out of the tub, he had already started crying in preparation for the spank. I went to swat his wet bum and my hand just slid past his body. When Bradly realized that was it, his fake cry went from a stuttered sob, to a giggle. He turned to look at me and said, "Ha! That didn't even hurt mom!". When I asked him if he wanted me to make it hurt he screamed "no!" as he covered his bottom and ran out of the bathroom. I can't believe these little ones and where they come up with what they do.