Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vintage Book Decor

I love old books. I love the charm they add to any given space and decor. They usually are grouped together in my home and they stand alone to make a statement.
But I had one book leftover after I moved some things around... and I decided to try something and spice it up.You know, something old combined with something new to make that shabby chic look.This was really simple and the pictures will do most of the explaining, so here we go!

Here is the old book I was working with. The spine of the book was shot. The binding was an old fabric that had become brittle and was falling off. I didn't want to throw it away, so this is where I got the idea for re-purposing it.

So I decided to take the front and the back off. I used scissors to cut the paper holding the hardcover on like this. I repeated it for the back as well and then I just ripped the hard covers off. They came off very easily.

I had two random pieces of cream ribbon. I wanted them to look older. Because I don't buy tea and coffee, I grabbed leftover coffee grounds from a neighbor and soaked them. Once dry, you can set the "tea stain" look with a little vinegar in cold water and let them dry again.

I love a good sale. I admit that sometimes because something is on sale I will just buy it in case I can use it later. The larger pearls with the hematite metal were 99 cents. I bought them a few years ago and never wore them. I also gave jewelry making a try a while back and it wasn't something i enjoyed, that is where the bracelet comes from. As for the necklace, I am the WORST mom ever!!! My little four year leaves this necklace around all the time. How many times have I picked it up? So I snatched it and removed the little Aurora princess charm. I know, you can totally judge me, I deserve it.

I have had this key forever. I bought it in a pack of 7 from Pottery Barn about 6 years ago. I just had it in a box somewhere and I grabbed it.

So I took the 2 ribbons and tied them separately around the book.

I slid the key onto the bottom ribbon.

I wound the pearls into a loose circle, and...

...slid them on top of the key. I tied this shorter ribbon into a knot.

I pulled one of the lace pieces through the center hole of the key. And tied it again into a bow to secure the pearls and key together. And there you have it! No glue or anything. I will show you in a later post where I am going to display this little treasure.