Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Making My Own Fairy Garden

You did  not see my first post about Miniature Fairy Gardens?!? You soo gotta go take a look. Fabulous ideas, heartwarming scapes and they are all in miniature! I am finally posting about the Fairy Garden I made. I know, long overdo. 

I come from a very long line of Tim the Tool Man Taylor's
(if you don't get it, you are too young). Bigger is better, suspenders help you make things cooler, and if at first you don't succeed...use brute force. I am always having to keep this side of myself in check. Because I am capable of envisioning how I want something to come together and then creating it, I never worry about asking for too much-because I am the one making it! This side of me didn't stay in check when I built my very own fairy garden. Bigger was definitely better. :)

While I was designing and planning my fairy garden box, I made a very small one in a pot I had. I cut up the edge of a green plastic pot (you know the ones you buy plants in?) to use as a border for the gravel I wanted to use. I added a little gnome I also had. It looked so sad... I knew it needed accessories! (they re pictured here, whew!)
I decided I wanted a tiered fairy garden box. I decided what base size needed to be, and designed the tiers upward. Of course a little pizzaz never hurt so I added the triangle shape in the middle tier. Of course, I didn't think about plants or accessories when I started building. Learn from me... plan that :)

 I loved Midwest Living's photo of the fairy garden made in an old drawer. 

So I added handles to my bottom tier. I puttied any screw or nail holes I didn't want showing and then I color washed it. I love the deep teal it turned out. (Don't be a hater! You too can neglect your garage and it will look like this!)


I {heart} accessories...all kinds! So of course I needed them! There are many places to choose from: AmazonTwo Green Thumbs, and Factory Direct Craft to name a few.
I went with went with Factory Direct Craft. I was ordering with friends and if you buy over $50 you get free shipping, so that helped us out. The picture with the rusty gate looks kind of sad. I am still trying to decide if I want to plaster a patio or use gravel...

And when you have made this very cute Fairy Garden, you have to make a stand... cause sitting on the ground just didn't do this one justice!

Now, because this box was so stinking heavy (and I was fresh off of crutches), I couldn't move it into it's partly sunny/partly shaded spot. The poor Irish Moss started to die. It never made it...RIP Irish Moss-I am so very sorry!

I would love to post updated pictures of this garden, but I cannot :)

My garden: all flower beds, fairy gardens and hanging baskets... caught some type of fungus that turned the plants a rust color. We have purchased the appropriate spray,  the plants did survive but they do not look so cute. I am hoping this big guy makes it through the winter and greets us in the spring! (Can you see the little shrub and rust colored plant?)
If you have discovered this FABULOUS new past time, please leave me a comment and a link to your blog. I would love to come visit!