Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Before and After

In July of 2006 Todd and I bought a home in Bountiful, UT. This home was great structurally, but aesthetically...not so much. We have 2 and a half years into this remodel and we are pretty pleased with the results. I am searching for the photos I have of the "before" for the kitchen and front room. Hopefully I can find them soon.

Main Bath: Not much needed except a new coat of paint, light fixture, and shower curtain and rod. The last color was peach...not exactly my style.

Master Bed: I didn't take a picture of the old master and I should of. It was priceless. A half wall of the 80's floral mint green, rose, and light blue wall paper. A nice popcorn ceiling (asbestos), and holes everywhere!

Front Room: Yet another room I never took a picture of...but I will try to explain it. See the wall with the bookcases and fireplace. It was all those 70's gold flecked mirrors on the whole wall with a white brick fireplace in the center. My sister and I had a rude awakening when we took the mirrors down to find wood panelling underneath. When that was removed, there was no sheetrock. This room cost 10 times what we planned to spend on it in the long run!

Second Bath: No real overhauls here. Just changes the paint from purple to beige.

Family Room Before: What you cannot see in this photo is the "popcorn" ceiling, 15 yr. old Berber carpet, wood panelling painted white, and a dated stone fireplace that doesn't work.

Family Room After:

We did a lot, I know. But this photo shows the still needed baseboards, and decor on the walls.

After Kitchen:

The kitchen was the biggest needed update. The old kitchen had a "U" shaped floor plan that brought a cabinet return right through the new island. The cabinets were so low you had to squat down to see people between the ountertop and cabinets. The stove had 2 burners working, and an old yellow oven!


Lisa P. said...

All I can say is WOW! It looks like the homes on one of the shows on HGTV! You are an awesome decorator. Can't wait to see your new house:)

tiburon said...

Wowsa! You have done some amazing work! It looks fab. Maybe you could come and do my house - I couldn't decorate my way out of a wet paper bag...

Jennifer said...

Wow April, you really did a good job. You have an eye for things. Good Job.

Laura said...

The house looks great! Good job on all your work, guys:).