Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sick Baby...

Megan has been really sick this last week. She has had a consistent fever of about 101, that didn't seem to break forever. I spent 2 full days sitting on my bed with her. I was able to catch up on a lot of TV, not by choice, but a necessity to rid myself of absolute boredom. Your toosh can only tolerate sitting for so long, so the bed was where we ended up. She could hardly breathe she was so congested. Thus sleeping was a difficulty and only accomplished by me either holding her, or laying next to her, touching her. As a mom, you know you are talented, but i didn't realize how talented i was until I was able to shower WHILE holding her. This included shaving my legs (sounds selfish, but I had to!)

And then, one random moment it hits you. They NEED you, like the air they breathe, when they are sick. They are so helpless. They depend on you for every thing that they need. And for one brief moment, I am able to take in that it doesn't matter what I am wearing, how big my waistline is, or even if I have brushed my teeth that day... she loves me for what I am to her. Mom.