Friday, April 20, 2012

Vinyl Obsession

If you saw the tab that lists my current faves, you will see that Vinyl Lettering is in the top 5 right now. I purchased a Silhouette about 3 years ago, and then... never used it. I now have the opportunity to be creative again, and love using this awesome machine.When I say it in my head, the word "machine", I want to do the Tim-the-tool-man Taylor grunt cause it is UH-MAZE-ING!

 I love it so much in fact, it has doubled as a label maker.

I was making this Menu Chalkboard for the kitchen. This was the start of the craziness! If you know me, you know I love words. I wanted to put something on the chalkboard to make it pop. Tiffany is taking french and is fairly obsessed with it. so I asked her how one might say "Welcome to the kitchen". Translated it reads "Bienvenue `a la Cuisine". As I thought more about adding stuff, I designed the curly cue at the bottom too. I saw how much it added to the whole project and I have been "adding" to others since.

Containers in Pantry

Jars- I have these old school jars that I use for my flour, sugar, rice, and protein powder.
 Todd has been so good to not use the eye rolls at this time, but he is over compensating with snarky remarks :) ...{ "So if I hold still long enough, will you label me too?" } I swear... verbatim!

I designed this from the monogram to the photo corners. It turned out pretty decent I think.

FHE Magnet Board- (I will probably do a separate post on this alone!) With my own vinyl cutter, the Family Home Evening board had no limits!

This my bucket list. Ha ha... see the bucket? My friends and i got together after being inspired by Pinterest.

Even the walls aren't safe! Although, this project was way to big for my cutter so I had to outsource it. Thanks Tammy!

I even labelled my house...

But then again... it is an OBSESSION right now!


LP said...

I so want to be obsessed with vinyl too! gosh we so need to get together. I want that chalkboard:)