Thursday, October 2, 2014

Simplify Your Calendar: Repeating Appointments

It is that back to school time of year, and I have already failed almost every one of my "New School Year" resolutions. If you are like me, you think the kids are going back to school and you will be the perfect you again. Oh contraire... I don't know why I do this to myself, but I do... Every. Single. Year. I was reading the other day on Momastery her September Scandal. I laughed so hard, and then cried because I do this too. After reading it, I grabbed my big girl panties, and decided I am going to take it one day at a time...but for real. The emotional burnout I went through a while ago has been slowing down, and I feel like I am healing from that chaos. I also realize I am my own nemesis, as I seem to create too much for myself frequently. Which brings me to this post... Simplifying what you see on your calendar to create a less overwhelming sight!

With a few recent life changes, I am currently recording schedules for up to 12 people. Yes, TWELVE people. My daily little planner box doesn't always allow for writing that much information  when there are multiple appointments on that day. And if you are anything like me, it doesn't matter if you have Scouts weekly on Thursday at 5:30, I still forget sometimes when I don't write it down, and then check the calendar daily.

I was talking with a friend a few days ago about how I mark my calendar for repeat appointments. She works out of her home, and she has 4 kids too. We were talking about how repeat appointments tend to fill up space on the calendar when you write it out. I told her my method, and she thought that was a great idea. And like I have said before, I live my life and don't always realize when I have good idea, and when to share it. So that is what I am doing today. Sharing what I do.

I cannot remember how I learned this or came up with it, but I have been doing this for a few years now. 

Did you know they make these teensy little sticky dots?They are about an eighth of an inch so they take up such a little tiny space. And look at all of the colors!! Enough colors to represent each member of your family? Or a group family appointment? So this is what I do...

To another looking at my calendar, this means absolutely nothing until you have the "code", LOL! I have assigned each member of my family a color, and if there are multiple members doing the same thing, I have assigned a color to the activity. So if you look at the picture below I will explain:

The dots in these pictures are 1/4 inch dots. I have recently switched to the 1/8 inch dots as I have more people to schedule for. You can choose what size fits your needs. As you can see, it frees a lot of space for me to write other appointments onto the same day, but it is also a reminder for me when I go make an appointment that a repeating appointment is there. So this helps in not overbooking myself, and knowing where and when I need a driver, babysitter, etc.

I know this is just a really simple thing, but it helps me a lot...specifically when the kids are on vacation from school and I might get caught up in wanting to go have fun and forget about piano, art, scouts or any other imaginable appointment already in place. 

And since you get so many stinking dots in one package, I store the extras in my Organizing Extras Box. And this is how I store them in my planner so they are readily accessible. I just purchased an extra pouch to put them in, and the other pouch has Gel Pens in (semi) matching colors to the dots, for the times I have to schedule non repeating appointments and need to write them down.

Here's me wishing you to have self compassion in this busy world we live in!