Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Table Redo Part 1

So I know for the last year in my Coming Up section has been some info about redoing my current table. The day I sprayed that first chair, it snowed later that night. Ugh... Total frustration! It put a damper on getting anything else on it done. I do believe now it was divine intervention as my life has so drastically changed that if I would have redone that table, it would have been for nothing...
I was divorced this last year, and in September I was remarried. I have 5 children, he has 5 children. Yep-do the math... together there are 12 of us. Now, the table I had before was not even big enough for the 7 of us, so how in heavens' name would 12 people fit? It just doesn't work! So enter God's goodness... honeymoon in Heber. I am now married to a man who loves garage sales and thrift stores as much as I do. Yep, that is what we did for a majority of our get away, thrift stores! (So romantic, I know...). We went into St. Vincents Thrift Store into their furniture section and I spotted it! Love at first sight. I was ogling it, caressing it, dreaming of what I could do with this beauty. My husband said... "I can already see all time we could spend here. Let's get it?!". Ummm... no convincing needed here. 

We picked it up a week later and yes, this sucker is H-E-A-V-Y! We had to bring it home like this, which was fine. It has made what I am doing a bit easier. It is built to last. This has been the only problem so far, the weight. I limits me on what I can do by myself.

So if you clicked on the Coming Up page you will have seen the old plan. Yes, it is still there. A year ago that french typography image was not as popular as it is now. I have also had a lot more experiences that have brought me to a different place. I am my father's daughter, so I want to do something to honor the heritage I have through him since he has since passed. So I have come up with something different!!


I have decided to do an old 1630's map of Holland. I want to invite some of my Dutch heritage into my home through a table top that is a little bit like and Atlas. Of course I will not be able to have the incredible detail any map would have, but I am going to tweak it to make it my own. I plan on using my Silhouette to cut out some vinyl to use as stencils  to create the look I am seeing in my brain.

Through an Internet search I found the one I knew I wanted. It was perfect! The funny thing is this map has multiple languages on it- Dutch, German, Latin, and Burmese. The territory it describes is in that language. I thought it to be perfect!

Using a font I found on dafont.com, called PR Compass Rose, I am able to use my silhouette to create this stencil. I am going to be applying this compass rose to the upper right portion of my map.

 Again, I found another font called Parchment to create the labels for the North and South Sea's. I have designed the frame and scroll work by combining multiple elements, and changing them to make them my own.

So this is the starting point. I am so very excited to share with you this amazing work of art. It is going to be so much fun!!

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