Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Table Benches Part 1

Oh my heck! This project... it will be so worth it when it is done, but if I ever get to done it will be a miracle. The table... unfortunately has had some issues {face palm}. In the post about my table I mention polycrylic binding to impurities and debrit in the wood? Well, apparently this table had them. It started to create air pockets between the wood and the finish. And then just insert kids into the mix, and the picking begins. So one night after dinner, I was looking and had to surrender to the fact this table was going to peel. And so I let them have at it. Within 5 minutes, it was peeled and stripped, along with the map and everything else. The pencil marks got left behind, so that is bonus, right? LOL!

So I posted about the Table Redo here and here. And I mentioned that I still had the benches left. Since this is such a personal project, I want to make sure that what I do for the benches and chairs has the same sentimentality the table does The table was a representation of my family history on my Dad's side. My dad passed away almost two years ago, and I was a daddy's girl. My grandparents immigrated from Holland, and my dad served his LDS Mission there. I have Dutch on my mom's side as well. Everything on the table represented something. When I redo the Table Redo, I will talk more about it.

So let's get back to the benches. I have been stewing over what to put on them for months. My mind has been like a pin ball machine switching from one idea to the next. And then it hit me. Since the table was family related, the benches would be too. So here are my design plans for the benches, so the post where I reveal them isn't too long.

I have 6 of these chairs. They are your basic newly wed chairs that I refinished 9 years ago. They have been through 5 kids. And 5 more for a time. They have been loved, and abused. They need a face lift. I am using 4 of them to make the 2 benches. I will break the backs off and use some 2 by 6's to make the seat.

I love old vintage signs. I decided to attempt to make them look like they were built out of those plank board signs.  The following pictures just represent the design.

Coca Cola Bench Artwork
I have designed all the vinyl I will be using as stencils. Here is a screen shot of the first bench. I know you are thinking this has nothing to do with maps, and Holland, or Family Heritage. Oh, but it does. My dad loved Classic Coke. His favorite, was to chill one of those glass bottles in the freezer until there was a slushy layer on the inside. He always said that was the best way to drink it. I love Coke as well, and their classic trademark sign. I also have a daughter that loves it too.

Vintage Diner Bench Artwork
This screenshot doesn't really represent the detail that will go into this bench. By way of how I had to design the lines for the burgers, fries and drink, I can't fill the color to show you what I am going to do. But it will be in color. The arrow is actually a random checker board pattern too, and I can't show the detail here either. Some of my earliest memories of family outings were to burger joints. That is what we did. I remember my Dad used to take us to A&W with his milk jug type thing for a gallon of root beer, burgers and french fries. Milkshakes are a part of my grandparents history and their courtship. Both my parents love them too, and in my high school years ice cream was a family event! I am sucker for them to. And my kids love french fries, just like their Dad. And being food oriented, it belongs in a kitchen.

Here you have it. I m really excited to show you how they are turning out! I really can't wait! And the chairs... you will love those too!

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