Monday, June 18, 2012

Everyday Life

There a are a few contributing factors that add to the irritation in this post.
First: It's Monday
Second: It's Monday AFTER a holiday
Third: I tweaked my back!

Having been injured before, I think what worse than sitting around waiting to get better is the fact you can't get anything done. You have the full capability of your mind to sit around and think about what needs to be done, and what you could be doing, and nothing to show for it at the end of the day. :)
Don't getme wrong, I love reruns of CSI, and Law & Order, even World's Wildest Police Videos, but after so long you just want something done. 

Saturday I went to workout as normal, and have no idea what happened, but my back was left all tight. For the rest of the day I was walking very slowly,and tenderly. We spent all day Saturday finsihing up some loose end decorating. Actually my husband finished up this stuff while I sat and told him what to do.

Because Todd is so awesome, he spent the day helping me and absolutely nothing got done around the house! So here is what this morning brought me.

Dusty Living Room

Girls Room

Master Bath

Master Bed

I took these photos this morning, and it would be really awesome if I could post additional photos that show things differently...... but it is actually worse. Remember.... its summer     and all the kids are out of school.... and I have 6 of them.... that think they don't have to help unless I am standing right there.:) Sound familiar to anyone else?

Life is good though. I actually sound crazy when I say I am thankful for days like these. It reminds me of how great my regular everyday life is. :)