Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pantry Makeover Part 2

Wow, things have been cray-zee! Between the kids, the blog and the projects, I can't seem to find a great balance!! I have been really busy with a lot of different things, so at least there will be some great posting ahead. (Not to spoil the surprise but I am talking about kitchen back splashes, pallet furniture, outdoor decor and power tools. :))

In all of this, I have managed to get my pantry put together. I am a little nervous for the reveal. Have you ever done a project and you like it about 98% but you aren't sure if you LOVE it? I am there right now, but I don't know what about the whole thing that I would or even want to change...
Weird, right? 
Here it goes.....

Ta Dahhh!
Love it or hate it, here it is.  

I painted the pantry  the Dorset Gold from Benjamin Moore. The cream color was a mis-tint from Home Depot. 

I did also paint the shelves, but put down contact paper to protect the shelves. It also made the jars and things slide around better. I chose a contact paper from Target that they now carry in stock :) At least at my Target they do.

The pattern on the wall behind the jars is one I designed on my Silhouette. I was inspied the House of Smiths blog, and you will find the link below.

The jars I used for my flour and sugar I purchased from WalMart. They are a 2 gallon capacity. They actually hold quite a bit. I can fit 10 lbs of either flour or sugar with a lot of room to spare. It is nice to have a container that I can make a batch of bread or rolls without depleting the contents in the jar!

These plastic canisters I also bought from WalMart. They have a one gallon capacity and they sell for $3 each. WalMart also sells smaller ones that are a 1/2 gallon capacity. They have been so handy to store a lot of my bulk foods in. Remember, I have a large family....

So, like I said in a previous post, my Silhouette has become a label maker as well. And it has been really fun, and OCDish. I have really enjoyed adding this sense of order to my pantry. At the same time I haven't made all these poor little containers conform, they have some individuality :) If you look you can see they're not all the same

As I said in Part 1, I copied this little create idea from House of Smiths and her pantry makeover.

I didn't find much at the DI by way of containers and such for my pantry. I found 4 things after going to 2 seperate DI's. I will continue to look until I find exactly what I need but here is what I found so far: a basket, 2 jars, and a tin. I am going to strip the tin down so it is just a metal color.

My pantry isn't complete completely done though. I have run out of vinyl twice and when I go to get more, they are out. I will continue to chip away at it until it is done  :)