Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Laundry Room Makeover Part 3

Holy crap! Has it taken long enough?!? What is it about any type of home project that takes 4 times as long as it should and cost 3 times more than you budgeted? I have a feeling you might hear me say that again in the future...
Anyhoo... I have refrained from posting because I think having a 4 part segment for a LAUNDRY ROOM is excessive but seriously, I have one aspect of it that is not done and is still going to take more time. But I will get to that soon enough.
I posted before, the pics of the new paint, wallpaper, border, and inside of the cabinets. In case you missed them, click here for Part 2. In the reveal below, you will see some vinyl that I created through the silhouette software. For the first 10 people to leave a comment below me for each design in THIS post I will send you my Studio File. Here's what you do.... Leave me a comment, and then email me with the design you want.

Okay here is the reveal of the new space...

Starting from the door, on the counter I have a cute green flowering can (Tai Pan) I got on clearance, and some orange daisies. I also made this framed picture with patterned paper and vinyl. It was the WORST thing I have ever had to pick and I would never do it again. But the clothespins are fun. I designed them and I might add a few to my wall.

Next to it is one of my faves- This little plank of wood with a Subway art type thing. I had an old piece of decor that I couldn't use anymore so I up cycled it by sanding it down and painting it. I also designed the vinyl that I laid on this board. It measures 16 3/4 " by 4 1/2".

I put this little shelf on the wall behind my dryer. I put it there to protect things from falling behind the dryer. So of course we can't just put up a shelf, we have to add a little pizazz. So, cue the vinyl. I created a little pattern to put on top of the shelf and draw the eye toward it.
I also created this little box. Pockets are a big deal in my house. I HAVE to check them... because no else does! And I need a place to put all of the treasures I find.

I saw this cute wall design on Pinterest. I clicked to follow the link and it went to an Etsy shop, but was no longer there for me to give credit to. So I created my own on my Silhouette.

I think anyone who has children, might need a missing sock board. After folding laundry I swear I almost have a half basket left that are just socks! There are lot of designs to choose from, but I like this phrase the best.

If you continue left around the room counter clockwise, I put up a bigger shelf.

If you live in UT, there is this awesome little home decor store in Holladay. It is called Real Deals. Their stuff is soooo cute ,and if you catch it on sale it is even better! I got the shelf for $20 on sale, and those little "bars"of soap were 99 cents  regular price! The 2 pitcher I got at Tai Pan.

And now for the Piaz de Resistance (yeah, I have no idea how that is supposed to be spelled......)

An OFFICIAL location for the lint roller. I am so excited about this! Since I have been working on the pantry, I keep putting it in the laundry room, yet it keeps ending up in the pantry? I. Don't. Understand...
I am going to Target tonight to get a command hook for this space.
As for the contact paper on the shelves... I found a better pattern that I think blends better with the space, that is also at Target.
And.... you probably wonder where I put my laundry baskets? Well, this is the part that I am almost done with and is going to turn this into a 3 part segment. I have drafted up plans for a 4 bin laundry hamper! It is almost done, and then needs to be primed and painted. It measures 36" tall, by 61" wide, and then 12" deep. It is going to fit perfectly on the wall with the bigger shelf. I am sewing laundry bags to hang inside as well. So, hopefully I won't go this long before posting again!


Angie said...

April! that looks awesome! I dig the Sock Mate board! I need that at my house!

LP said...

It is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Holy crap it looks like a model home or from a makeover show on hgtv. man you sooo impress me!!!! I cant wait for you to help me with a project;) haha:)