Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pantry Makeover

Let's face it... the kitchen is the central hub of the home. As the kitchen goes, so does the rest the home. When my kitchen is messy, I feel really overwhelmed. The pantry is a major extension of the kitchen. The family is in and out of it CONSTANTLY!! I have six kids and if they can't find some thing...enter my overwhelming feelings. I hear "Mmmaaawhhhm!....where is the (enter food item here)" Then I have to stop what I am doing and go help.

Things you will literally hear me say are:
     " If it was a snake, it would have bitten you..."
      "If I find it, you owe me a dollar..."
and my personal fave:
     "If I find it, can I hit you with it?" To which they start frantically looking again.... and I start belly laughing cause I am joking. And they tell me that it wasn't funny at all. But it is really.

What is my point?.... It is that my pantry needs to be organized. And not temporarily. I need a system that will be in place for a long time and can be kept up with minimal ease. To coin a phrase... it has to be something a child can do...
Remember this picture?
Absolutely horrid!
Luckily, Pinterest has become a valuable asset these days. I searched for ideas and concepts that would work for me, and our family, but also things that would reflect my personality. The pantry I loved the most I saw at The House of Smith's blog. She has my style and taste nailed. So, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Shelley should be flattered!
I love organization, but most searches pull up pictures of cans and boxes stacked perfectly.To me that is chaos waiting to happen! I wanted ideas that helped eliminated chaos. I also love pretty things. Tags and labels that are personal. So why not combine the 2 and get a Pretty, Organized Pantry? 
House of Smith's Pantry
This pic is from House of Smiths. My pantry is much smaller than hers so I have to pick and choose what I will use for my space. The ideas that  I have taken from House of Smith's blog are the crate, the pattern on the walls, and her recommendation to check the DI for random containers.

So, to match my kitchen I am going to go with the Dorset Gold from Benjamin Moore. The shelves and cleating will be a creme color.

As for the quarterfoil design overlaying the paint, I own a Silhouette so I am creating my own. But you can buy hers from her shop here.
I already have these 2 gallon jars, which I purchased from Walmart for $9.97. I have my flour and sugar in them and I also have the smaller size ones.
These little ditties are AMAZING! They run for about $3. The sticker labels come off clean. They have a wide mouth opening and hold A LOT of stuff. I have bought a lot of them to hold pasta, beans, crackers, pretzels, etc. And because of the squareness of their shape, I can stack them all side by side. In fact I can put 6 wide and 2 deep on the shelves!

I have my game plan, now to execute it. Pictures to come soon!