Tuesday, May 8, 2012

B's Winter Clothes

I think we all have them. Photos taken by our mothers, when they let us choose what we wanted to wear. When I first saw these pictures, I remember saying, "Mom! How could you have let me out of the house in that?!" She would say something about a battle she didn't want to fight.

I now have 6 kids. I go through this every school day. Telling them what the weather forecast is, persuading my 3rd grader that by noon she won't need a jacket, or telling my 6th grader that he might need more than a hoodie sweatshirt when it is snowing outside.

I have to say though, I am highly entertained by the clothes first graders pick for themselves. I am a mother of a first grade boy. I try to let him pick his own clothes, develop his independence and self confidence.. but some days I have to veto his choices.
This is one of those days. We were running late for school and he comes walking up the stairs telling me e is ready. It was supposed to be like 80 degrees that day (thus the shorts) but he LOVES his boots. He is very Napoleon Dynomite. You may be wondering where on earth one might get a hat like that. You have to spend a winter in Russia... no really it was my Grandpa's hat, and winters in Vernal, UT can be cold.

We all have photos like this. Dig em out- have a good giggle. I KNOW you want to!