Tuesday, May 1, 2012

... Finished That!

Is anyone out there like me? You have projects (a lot, unfortunately) that are about 99% completed and for whatever reason they never get finished. My crafts and projects usually don't get finished because I start them, and they take longer than I think they will, and then my kids get home from school. That usually brings a lot of things to a halt.

And, to add insult to injury- I try to keep them out (usually on the counter) so I can finish them. After a week of wiping the counters around the projects, I get so tired of seeing them, so I put the offending project away. Then it is out of sight, out of mind!

Imagine this a couple times (maybe 10...) over, and then you have yourself a real problem.

So, today was a "Finish That!" day. I rounded up a lot of these little projects and finished them. Some of them were just cleaning tasks, and now that they are done.... HUGE load off my shoulders! Here'sis what I did:

*Picked Vinyl for 5 leftover projects
*Putaway 3 baskets of random objects
*Hot glued the rest of my styrofoam orbs
*Touched up the paint in the kitchen
*Put up decorations I have been meaning to

Now I can make room for the tasks that will pile up again. Now, go get your projects and finish them! You can thank me later. :)